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New Remke Rewards Program

I hate going to the grocery.

I hate it even more when I have to take small children.

So much more stuff ends up in my cart when I take the kids. I am balancing my crumbled up paper list, monitoring the ‘goodies’ they are trying to toss in my cart, making sure they don’t knock over the elderly or a display of cookies, and maintain my sanity.  It’s hard.

What makes my shopping easier?  Especially at Remke Markets?

Their new shopping app!  And, it’s free! Picture it…your list, coupons, new recipes, and Remke store ad all on your phone in one place.  This makes things so much easier.  Now if I could only leave the kids at home!

Here is how you get started:

1) Download the app.  Simply search for “Remke” in the Play Store on your device.  Download it for free and open. Then remke 3make sure you register your account.  You’ll need to have your Remke card handy to ensure that your card is connected to your app.  Don’t have your card?  No problem!  Contact Remke and they can search it for you.  I had to do this and
they sent my card number super fast!

2) Check out the recipes Remke offers.  They have a weekly recipe and more! What looks good?  Start making your grocery list.  But, you don’t have to write it down, click on the Shopping List from your menu and just search and add what you’d like.

3) Peruse the weekly specials Remke has.  Click on Weekly Specials from the menu and then add products to your Shopping List.

remke 54) Add any coupons.  Now that you have your Shopping List, based on your menu plan and the weekly specials offered by Remke, click Manufacturer Coupons, Digital Coupons and Store Coupons in the app to add any coupons that are applicable to your card. When you check out, make sure you use your Remke Shopper card to deduct these coupons!

5) Go shopping!  You are ready now.  No paper list.  No paper ad.  Just take your phone and scroll through your Shopping List.

It’s so easy and convenient.

Check out this link to the Remke Rewards page.  It lists all of the benefits, such as the mobile app, digital coupons and more!

Don’t have a Remke Rewards card yet?  No problem! Check out this link to the Remke Rewards application page!

Last, are you like me?  I type in my phone number at the register because I’ve lost my Remke Rewards program shopper card!  Well, that’s not a problem!  Just click the link to the Remke inquiry submission page and you can get your number!


Would you like to try out the app and do a little shopping on me?  The folks at Remke Markets have given I’m Living the Remke 6Good Life a $25 gift card for one lucky reader!  Here’s how you can enter.

1) Comment below your favorite shopping tip. Do you make your menu a month at a time?  Shop only at certain times of the day?  What’s the scoop?

2) Share this giveaway on Facebook and tag both Remke Markets and I’m Living the Good Life Blog. Comment below once you’ve shared.

3) Tweet this giveaway and tag @GoodLifeBlogger and @remkemarkets. Comment below once you’ve tweeted.

I will randomly draw a winner on Tuesday December 22nd.

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this review, but all opinions are my own.

The Grocery Trip

My original plan was to leave for the grocery right after the second grader got on the school bus at 8:35am.  Well, let’s back up.  My original original plan was to leave for the grocery at 7:00am and be in and out so fast I’d be home by 8:35 to get him on the bus.  Yes, I could do it.  I have my grocery list catagorized by aisle and my coupons grouped together…..thanks to my superb kaizen abilities and organizational skills perfected at my previous employer.  Joanna, stop laughing.

Anyway, that didn’t happen.

Here’s what did happen.  Baby girl got up at 7:00am.  So, she went to the bus stop with us.  In her pjs. 

Then we got back home and I messed around with my list (still organizing!).  Put together coupons.  Calculated the exact number of items I needed to buy to get my $5 off at Kroger.  Talked on the phone.  Fixed baby girl’s hair.  We hit the road about 10:00-ish.  Then we went to the coffee shop.  Hey, momma’s gotta have her chai!

Finally, Kroger! 

One thing’s for sure, I love love love the ginormous car carts!  Who’s with me?!  Yeah, I really don’t like them either.  I do like them when they keep my younger two strapped in and entertained like monkeys at the zoo……  But, I don’t like them when I am trying to turn the corner without knocking down the entire Cheetos display.  Of course, even though I just have one kid with me, we have have have to have the ginormous car cart. 

Here’s the car cart.

Hey, where’s the kid??

Half way through the shopping experience, here’s what happened.

THERE she is!!

Now I am steering the ginormous cart with one hand and holding a peanut butter cracker eatin’ kid with the other.  Yes, I guess I could have just strapped her in and listened to the screams as I raced down the aisles.  But, she’s quite a little Houdini and ends up with the seatbelt around her shoulders or her knees while her head and arms are sweeping the floor right outside the cart.  So, believe it or not, this way was faster. 

At least I only had to bring one kid….right?