Visit the Goebel Goats

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Goebel GoatsLast week we were driving on I-75 North and my son yelled…

HEY!!!  I see goats!!!

Likely story.

He did this a couple times.

I thought he was crazy.

Mostly because he is obsessed with goats.

He had my cousin mail him a giant goat horn from South Carolina.  He did his year end project on goats.

The boy loves goats!

So, you can see why I thoGoebel Tower 1ught maybe he was seeing things.

Then, I read on facebook, that there ARE goats off I-75, in Goebel Park!  So, he wasn’t crazy after all.

The Goebel Goats are in mobile cages (fencing that can be moved) in Goebel Park to help eat away vegetation.  You can read more about them here. Goebel Park is located in Covinton on Philadelphia Street.

Once I realized there really were goats in Goebel Park, I decided we had to visit them!  So, we did.  And, we discovered a few other things as well.

There is a clock tower that plays the story of the Pied Piper every hour.  It’s a little creepy, but kind of cool.  There are figures on the clock tower than slowly spin on a wheel and go through the entire story, from the mice, to the Piper, to the children and finally the weeping women!  Interesting…

If you are in Covington, you should check it out.  It’s free and pretty cool.  Stop on the hour at the clock and listen to the music and the fairy tale.  Head down the hill behind the clock and check out the goats.


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