Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Parade

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Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Parade

Every year I want Rosie Redto take the kids to the Opening Day parade, but every year they have school that day.

This year, by some crazy luck, they were off of school!

So, we went to the parade.  It was an awesome experience.

We caught the Southbank Shuttle in MainStrasse, which is an experience in itself.  We love the Southbank Shuttle.  It costs $1 to ride and you can go from Newport or Covington to Cincinnati, stopping at places like Fountain Square, the Taft Theatre, the Freedom Center and more.  It’s a great deal and much less stressful than driving around the crowded city during peak hours. Watch where you park to catch the shuttle, as some lots have time limits, and you can end up with a parking ticOpening Day Merket.

I speak from experience.

Once on the shuttle, we got off right on Fountain Square and stayed there for the parade.  In hindsight, I should have brought a blanket and more cash, but we sat right on the curb and found an ATM behind us.  Food was much more reasonable than I thought, with hot dogs priced at $2.

The parade started at noon and we arrived on the square at 11:00.  Although we had quite a wait, once the parade started the crowd was about 10 people deep, so it was nice to be in the front row. The parade started to come by us at about 12:25.

It was awesome to be in thBande front row because my kids were able to high five a unicycle rider, someone dressed as a goat, and a few politicians.  They loved it.  We also saw a marriage proposal in the middle of the street and had a close up of Rosie Red.

Meredith saw the first of many marching bands and got excited.  I thought she just loved the music, but then she asked me if Ferris was going to be there soon.

Wrong parade.Daryl Gordon

Side note: Marcus asked “What’s Pure Romance?” because they also had a float…let me know how you would answer that one.

The parade is super long, but so much fun.  And, it’s a very friendly parade crowd.  Everyone was excited to cheer on their Reds and start the season.

After the parade, we went inside the Westin Hotel and ate Dunkin’ Donuts.  Then we walked a couple blocks and caught the shuttle to the car.

The kids were all smiles and had such an awesome experience.  They loved seeing their city come together in a sea of red shirts and team spirit.  It was pretty cool.

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