Menu Plan Monday: Light Chicken Salad Recipe

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chicken salad plate

This week begins the season of Lent for many of us. Do you give up something for Lent?  I usually do not.  I can never come up with something I feel is ‘good enough’ to give up, so I try to do something extra instead.  Last year I tried to get up a half hour earlier a few days a week and ‘reflect’, pray and get my thoughts in order for the day.  It didn’t work.  I like my sleep.  I obviously have no will power.

A couple of weeks ago, I read on line that a friend had tried The Whole 30 Program.  While I am not a horrible eater, this is a diet that would really cause me to think about everything I put in my mouth and cut back on some things I really enjoy.  Things like milk in my tea, mayonnaise on my sandwich, wine in my glass…

I am going to do it.  And, I’ll keep you posted.  Starting Wednesday, for the next 40 days, I’m doing The Whole 30 Program.  Our menu for the week is listed below.  There are some things on here that are obviously not on the program…mac and cheese!  So, I will not be eating those.  And, we’ve already had chili, so those legumes are in my belly before Wednesday.

 Paleo Thai Basil Beef Balls and Green Beans

Chicken Salad (recipe below) ~ Fresh Vegetables with hummus

Chinese Pork Ribs ~ Apple Walnut Cole Slaw

Lemon Herbed Chicken Thighs ~ Stir Fried Bacon & Chard ~ Mac/Cheese

Ground Turkey Sliders ~ BBQ Drumsticks ~Bacon Kale Stir Fry



Chicken Salad Recipe (pictured above):

  • 3 roasted or baked chicken breast
  • ~ 1 tablespoon of mayo (while on The Whole 30 Program, I’ll mash up an avocado or hard boiled egg yolk with a little olive oil)
  • 2 green onions diced, can also use red or yellow peppers
  • 1/2 green pepper diced
  • Curry powder to taste (I like more, rather than less!)

What are you having this week?  Are you giving up something for Lent?  If you need more menu inspiration, check out Menu Plan Monday on The Organizing Junkie.  Enjoy!




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