Why Digital Photography is so Wonderful

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Remember back in the day before digital photography?  You’d take a picture and not know for maybe a week if your eyes were closed or if you got the perfect shot? 

Thank goodness we can now see immediately if our picture is perfect. 

This is why we made the birthday boy pose three times and re-lit the candles with every shot. 

Seriously, he looks like a bird in this picture.  And, where are his eyes?  He jumped up at the last minute to take a deep breath and blow out each candle.  It would have been a great shot if he’d just held still.

And put on a shirt.

So, we tried again.

With much worse results…

It’s like a slow motion camera…
Really??  Is he getting sick?  Burping? 
That’s kind of how he looks when he gets mouthy with me. 
That’s horrible.  We can do better than that.  Third time’s a charm.  And, it was. 
For the most part.
 At least he looks normal.  Now to get a shirt on the boy.
But, what about the days before digital cameras? 
Remember when your mom would take you to the photo studio at Sears and get some nice professional pictures taken? 
We had pictures taken when I was in fifth grade and my younger brother was in first grade.  They were beautiful. 
We had the faux library behind us.
We posed leaning across a wooden fence.
It was fantastic.
But, we didn’t realize the best part until two weeks later…when we saw the proofs.
Here’s how that went down:
My Brother: (rubbing his hands together like an evil genius) I cannot WAIT to see the one where I crossed my eyes!!
My Mom:  Oh ha ha.  Hilarious.  You did not.
Photographer:  Oh, yes. He did. 
<< Sound of crickets >>
I wish so hard I could go back in time and get my mom to buy that particular picture.  But, alas, I cannot. 
I only have the story to tell my kids.
And you.
So, on this day, let us rejoice and celebrate the wonderful invention that is digital photography.
Thank you Steven Sasson!
And, you learned something new today.
You are welcome.

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