The Difference Between Me and June Cleaver–or, Why I don’t Wear Pearls When I Vacuum

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In an effort to get the kids to watch more ‘wholesome’ television, we borrowed Leave it to Beaver from the library.  Now that I’m a mom, in the year 2013, I really got a kick out of the differences in parenting today and back in Beaver’s time…here’s a few of the differences I noticed between me and the Beav’s mom:

June gets a call from another parent asking if she can host the teacher luncheon at her house next Thursday.

June:  Why sure!  I’d love too!  It would be an honor.

Me:  Holy cow, are you kidding me?!  How can I get out of this…what can we be doing next Thursday and every day leading up to it??  Am I saying all of this out loud?!

Ward has great news for the boys.

Ward:  I get to work on the committee to help develop the Youth Center in town boys!

Me:  Geezil Pete I got suckered into another committee.  How in the heck am I going to find someone to watch the kids so I can go to more meetings?  Or maybe I can bring them and everyone will hate me…then I can cross it off my list….

The principal (surprisingly, a lady!) calls the Cleavers at home and talks to June.  She tells her Mr. Cleaver must come to the school as soon as possible to talk to her about the Beav’s inappropriate behavior.  He has made a funny face in the class picture, but she will not tell June this detail.

June:  Oh my.  Well, could you tell me what happened?  Oh, I see.  You need Ward.  Well, I’ll tell him to call you.  Thanks!

Me:  Whaaaat?  You want to talk to my husband?  Fantastic.  Could you also ask him to start checking the kids’ homework?  Thanks.  I’ll get back to my stories now.

Ward gives June parenting advice after she blames herself for the Beav losing the Community Chest money he has collected.

Ward:  Oh June.  Don’t become one of those modern parents and blame yourself for something the kids did. (I can’t make up this stuff.  That was really what he said).

Me:  Blame myself?  Please. 

It is pretty entertaining to watch Leave It to Beaver so many years later.  I always thought Eddie Haskell was pretty slick, but he’s really a jerk!  Framing the poor Beav by changing that D- on his report card to a B+. 

Clearly, I have no life. 

Before my husband expects me to start wearing pearls and vacuuming more, I think we’ll switch back to Gilligan’s Island.  I can handle making a few coconut cream pies…especially since Kroger has them in their freezer section. 

And, I don’t have much more tolerance for words like “swell” and “gee”. 

Stay tuned as I search for more golden oldies to force my kids to watch in the van…where they are restrained quiet.

What shows from your childhood have you shared with your kids?


  1. says

    Hilarious. I kind of want to go watch that show again now. I remember thinking that June’s life looked so lovely and pleasant when I was a kid, even when The Beav got into trouble, because nothing he ever did was really all that bad. It seemed like no matter what, June was always calm, sweet and put together. But back then I didn’t know about Valium, so…

    • Michelle says

      Thank you! Yes, I loved that show as a kid, but when I watched with my kids I was so surprised! Poor June!

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